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The rating of innovative regions for the purposes of monitoring and management has been developed by the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia in 2012 together with the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia with the participation of the representatives of regional administrations and the leading experts in the country. The AIRR team regularly updates the rankings following the publication of new statistics.

The 2015-1.0 rating includes 23 indicators. All indicators in the 2015-1.0. rating have been updated to the year 2013. Compared with the 2014 version, the data on 5 criteria was updated: “domestic expenditures on research and development as a percentage of GRP”, “revenues from export of technology in relation to GRP”, “coefficient of renovation of fixed assets”, “GRP per employee in the economy of the region (excluding extractive industries)” and “the share of high-tech and knowledge-based industries in GRP”.



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