Altai is going to develop relations with Tatarstan in the sphere of processing of hydrocarbons

11 September2017

Altai is going to develop relations with Tatarstan in the sphere of processing of hydrocarbons

BARNAUL, September 6 /TASS/. The president of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov is arriving to the Altai region with a working visit in the run-up to the 80th year Anniversary of the region in September. The region is interested in the development of cooperation with the Republic in the sphere of processing of hydrocarbons and in innovations as well, told to journalists the Governor Alexander Karlin.

«We would like that investment into our industries that we consider promising are translated from the Republic of Tatarstan too – they have organizations that work on mining and processing of hydrocarbons with a good volume of financial resources. To my mind, this is not the worst option if they are directed to the investment to the region – certain approaches are being held, I think that after the arrival the work will be activated», - Karlin said.

As explained TASS in the administration of the region, for the moment the possibility of cooperation with the enterprises of oil industry of Tatarstan on the delivery of the Altai chemical reagents is developing, a potential customer is PJSC «Tatneft».

Today innovation enterprises of the region are working with companies of the Republic: «Altai plant of precision tools» is the sole supplier of nozzles for «KamAz», Altai transformer plant supplies equipment for «Tatneft», engineering plant «ZIAS MACHINERY» in the summer 2017 became a member of the innovative territorial-production cluster «INNOKAM».

According to Mr. Karlin’s words, during the colleagues’ visit the questions of innovative activity of the regions will be discussed as well – both constituent territories together with others are members of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia. Karlin highlighted that despite the fact that agriculture in Tatarstan is well developed, the region buys up to 80 tons of flour annually – it is used as a flavor enhancer of traditional sweets, besides, the region supplies cheeses.

In 2016 bilateral trade between Tatarstan and Altai was 2,088 bln roubles – it’s 71,7% (28,3% lower) to the level of 2015. As of 2016, the volume of the bilateral trade took the 17th place among the regions of Russia.



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