Bashkortostan is able and must become a place for development of neurotechnology and robotics – Rustem Khamitov

27 June2017
Bashkortostan is able and must become a place for development of neurotechnology and robotics – Rustem Khamitov

June 27, in Ufa the Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov held a session of the Government of the Republic where a new state program on science and technology development in the Republic of Bashkortostan was adopted. «We’ve been waiting for this document for a long time, its review was postponed several times. We want to believe that a long work will benefit the project », - pointed out the Head of the Republic.

Bashkortostan is among the top 10 regions in the number of applications and in obtained patents for inventions. The relations are tighter with the Russian Fund of fundamental research as well as with the Russian scientific fund. This year in the RFFR contest participated 278 projects from the region, more than a half of which were supported.

«The general volume of financing of scientific projects for the years of cooperation with funds exceeded 235 mln rub, half of which (117,5 mln rub) are federal resources, - said Rustam Khamitov. – If we seek to incorporate scientific inventions, there is no doubt that we must consider larger funding».

The Head of Bashkortostan drew special attention to the coordination of activity on attraction of domestic and foreign investment in the scientific research from the part of the Academy of Science of the Republic and the Ufa Scientific center of the Russian Academy of science.

Our scientific potential is of a little use. There are a lot of patents, inventions, prospective research, but their commercialization is unacceptably slow. The part of Bashkortostan in the country on the use of the results of scientific activity during the last years doesn’t succeed 2%. In the previous year 737 patents were obtained, but only 7 inventions were led to the final product. Important endeavors die at their way out of the laboratories», - highlighted the Head of the region.



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