Heads of AIRR regions participated in a meeting with Sergey Lavrov

14 March2017
Heads of AIRR regions participated in a meeting with Sergey Lavrov

The event with the participation of the heads of Tatarstan, the Altai Krai, Bashkiria, Khakassia and Yakutia took place at the guest mansion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

External contacts of Russian regions, issues related to the development of public diplomacy, the work of regions in order to unite living worldwide compatriots, as well as further steps for strengthening of humanitarian ties − cultural, educational and other items were discussed during the meeting.

Sergey Lavrov emphasized that humanitarian cooperation is a vital factor of evolution of the international relations and prevention of civilizational and sectarian differences.

“These are fundamental things not only for Eurasia, but also for all humankind. We are glad that the regions of Russia express their vibrant interest in the development of such cooperation in the Eurasian space and are ready to further intensify their contribution to such processes,” – told the Minister. “We are convinced that the development of such connections promotes the deepening of Eurasian integration in general. It is a powerful tool of what is called public diplomacy”.



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