Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Champions go to Sochi

27 February2017
Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Champions go to Sochi

At the Forum in Sochi the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Association of Innovative Regions (AIRR) will present to the participants “National Champions” Priority Project.

It is about the average hi-tech private leading companies which long ago gained their reputation in the domestic market. For entry into foreign markets they will be offered additional state aid measures. As AIRR was informed by “RG”, the project objective – “to provide the required conditions for breakthrough growth of the Russian high-tech companies and in the medium term “the cultivation of national champions” ─ Russia-based transnational corporations ─ from them”.

The priority project included 30 companies with annual proceeds from 400 million to 20 billion rubles, that means the project covers a segment of the medium-sized fast-growing companies. Among them there are the representatives of pharmaceutics, instrument-making, mechanical engineering, industrial equipment, chemical industry, power, medical equipment and new materials. All these “National Champions” already have a significant market share in their branches. Their further development is closely connected with expansion into the global markets.

State aid programs for innovative companies have already demonstrated their efficiency in the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Great Britain, Finland and other countries. Not so long ago similar project has been started in Kazakhstan.

By 2020 within the project it is supposed to increase four times the volume of hi-tech export for not less than at 15 companies.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation will render the companies its assistance through the trade promotion offices of the countries, which markets the leading companies plan to enter. Besides, the companies are worked with within various intergovernmental commissions, which are also actively involved in this project.

“It is of great importance that the Russian companies are targeted on export. There is no sense in making noncompetitive products,” ─ emphasized Ivan Fedotov, the Director of AIRR. “Among the selected participants there are the representatives of AIRR regions: NPF Mikran (Tomsk region), Danaflex-nano (Tatarstan), Perm Chemical Company, etc”.

The national project is meant for implementation until the end of 2020.



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