The regional authorities discussed the work on the use of geographic information systems, and the current situation in the region

04 July2016
The regional authorities discussed the work on the use of geographic information systems, and the current situation in the region

Deputy Governor - Head of Governor Alexey Nikitenko Administration held a regular meeting of the Regional Government. It was attended by Chief Federal Inspector in the Kaluga region, Alexander Savin.

The head of the Ministry of Information Society Development Dmitry Razumovsky informed the Cabinet on the results of the use of regional geoinformation systems.Currently, the regional Agency of Information Technologies is implementing two large-scale projects.

The first aims to create regional spatial data infrastructure.They are necessary authorities for the effective management and independent control activities in various fields. The project is working to digitize the settlements, the creation of interactive maps that allow you to monitor agricultural activities and especially protected natural territories of the Kaluga region. Implementing measures for the implementation of the portal to inform citizens with limited mobility, the creation of cartographic materials for mineral deposits and the development of routes of passenger transport. Also, there is the introduction of an interactive map of "communication problems." It is designed to collect data on the different types of communication problems information on citizens' applications, telephony and broadcasting.

Another important project for the region concerns the creation of a regional navigation and information system that ensures the collection, recording and processing of navigation data and transport infrastructure.

Dmitry Razumovsky recalled that the Russian Ministry of Economic Development on the effectiveness of the introduction of navigation technologies Kaluga region is on the 4th place among the Russian regions. Projects kaluzhan, in particular, monitoring of agricultural land, regional navigation and information system, information portal categories of citizens with limited mobility awarded diplomas of the Third All-Russian competition of regional informatization projects, as well as the Sixth All-Russian competition "Top 10 IT projects for the public sector. Educational and medical institutions. "

At the end of his speech, Dmitry Razumovsky called on the heads of municipalities actively use the existing potential of geoinformation in the region. "Our task - to establish a system to work, so that you, and the people were able to effectively use this resource. With the help of the citizens with limited mobility will be able to select the optimal route of movement, and the passengers - to navigate the schedule of public transport, "- said the Minister.

On the strengthening of cooperation in this sphere and emphasized Alexey Nikitenko. The Agency's information technology work, he said, is important for the development of any territory, especially for the effective control of municipal land, in return of unused agricultural land and finding areas of possible accommodation facilities of agricultural production.

In the future it is planned to use GIS technology to create interactive maps of the regional cultural heritage and military graves, the introduction of sub-systems for monitoring road maintenance in the management of transport ambulance service, as well as to monitor activities in the field of waste management.

Continuing the theme discussed the prospects of the organization in the region competent disposal of garbage. It was noted that the first containers for separate waste collection will be in the regional center in the territory of schools and public institutions. Garbage will be disposed of in a landfill, and then subjected to processing.

The Government also agreed on changes to the draft master plan for rural settlement "Village Emelyanovka" Yukhnovsky area. Its border is proposed to include the former agricultural land over 16 acres. By the end of 2018 on investor money is a cultural and tourist complex will be built. According to the minister of culture and tourism Pavel Suslov, the project is worthy. It will promote the development of cultural tourism in the area and the military-patriotic education of youth: "In addition to the tourist complex, it is planned to create a historical and cultural space, associated with the memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War. By itself, the project is very interesting. "Analyzing the situation in this sphere, the deputy head of the region said: "We now have to start to sort waste in order to further process them correctly. By the end of the year necessary to determine, taking into account citizens' opinion the most convenient location for the garbage containers, and serving enterprises - support to areas clean and tidy. "

The Minister reminded the meeting that the July 5 Kaluga region will celebrate the anniversary of its establishment. On the eve of July 2, Saturday, in Kaluga on the inner court Gostiny Dvor will host the event and a big concert with the participation of teams from the districts of the region dedicated to this significant event. Start the celebration at 18.00.

The meeting addressed a number of operational issues associated with the adoption of security measures at the children's playground and water bodies, strengthening oversight of mining operations and the prevention of illegal connections to the water supply and sewerage networks. Responsible appropriate instructions have been given for their decision to departments. Among other topics - Preparation for the next heating season, the course of capital repairs of apartment houses and the regional situation in the agricult




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