Ulyanovsk region fosters its cooperation with Sweden in high tech

06 February2017
Ulyanovsk region fosters its cooperation with Sweden in high tech

On February 4 the Governor Sergey Morozov held negotiations with Alexander Katasov, the Sales Representative of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Sweden, and the representatives of Embassy. The parties discussed a possibility to attract investment into the region, develop trade and economic relations between the Ulyanovsk region and Sweden.

“Sweden as well as the Ulyanovsk region has rather poor natural resources and in its development it places its stake on "smart economy" and human potential. This priority development area also searches for talents, cares for education and develops cutting-edge technologies. Certainly, in these directions our Swedish partners have gathered the experience which will be very useful to the Ulyanovsk region. We are very interested in promotion of our cooperation with the Kingdom of Sweden. And first of all, of course, in localization of the Swedish companies in our region. Including the largest investors, who have plans for development and localization in Russia”, ─ emphasized Sergey Morozov, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region.

According to the Head of the region, among the most promising directions – technological cooperation in household waste processing, as well as the introduction of modern, “smart” and energy-efficient technologies for improvement of quality of human living.

“In Sweden there is very good example of the plant constructed based on the former coal-fired power plant. It enables to utilize solid municipal waste, to generate thermal and electric power. At that a very high level of environmental safety is observed, and all combustion products are processed in its construction operations. There is an arrangement on readiness for cooperation signed with this company”, ─ reported Alexander Katasov, Russian Sales representative in Sweden.

Besides, the Governor Sergey Morozov told about the Innovative cluster operating in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region, which development could involve useful Sweden experience. The Swedish partners highly appreciated the experience of the region and expressed their readiness for collaboration.



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