Vladimir Volkov: “Mordovia has fortified its positions in the rating of innovative regions of the country”

25 July2016
Vladimir Volkov: “Mordovia has fortified its positions in the rating of innovative regions of the country”

Mordovia has enhanced its position in the rating of innovative regions of the country. This was declared during the working meeting of Vladimir Volkov, the Head of the Republic of Mordovia,  with Ivan Fedotov , the Head of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR).

The rapid breakthrough in development of its innovative production has been made for the last four years. According to the Higher School of Economics, in 2012 the Republic was the 26th in the country based on this indicator, in 2013 it moved to the twentieth ranking spot, in 2014 – to the eighteenth, in 2015 the region ranked seventeenth. The results of 2016 became record – Mordovia joined the most advanced innovative territorial entities of the Russian Federation, ranking number four.

As explained the Head of the Republic Vladimir Volkov, this happened due to the fact that in order to create working conditions for new innovative companies, the management of the region has taken a raft of measures.

“The share of innovative production in the Gross Regional Product is constantly growing, now it is about 30 percent. It is the best indicator achieved across the country. Innovative production for Mordovia is, actually, the driving force that allows keeping the positive dynamics of industrial production even in today's difficult economic situation − following the results of a half-year, the growth in the shipped production volumes has made 110 percent. For the same time the investments into fixed capital have increased by 14 percent”, − noted Vladimir Volkov.

During his working trip to Mordovia the Head of AIRR visited in the Republic a number of companies, including Technopark and Optikovolokonnye Sistemy, and highly appreciated the potential of innovation-driven growth in the region.

During the working meeting the issues related to the implementation of joint projects and further prospects for collaboration were discussed. In particular, the promotion of projects of local industrial clusters was considered. Special attention was paid to the creation of Engineering center of fiber optics in the Technopark of the Republic meant for designing of technologies for making special fiber-optic guides and devices on their basis, as well as for training of experts specialized in fiber optics and optoelectronics. 



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