Ranking of Innovative Regions of Russia


The Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) developed its ranking in 2012, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development, for monitoring and management purposes.

The ranking of innovation regions reflects actual results of innovative development of all constituent entities of the Russian Federation, with particular attention paid to the analysis of the positions of the regions that are members of the Association, the reasons for their movement in the final ranking and its sub-rankings. The regions have been measured on 29 indicators since 2016, when six principally different indicators were added, grouped into one semantic category, “Innovative Activity in the Region.” The indicators of the three basic semantic categories remained unchanged, so as to be able to track longterm dynamics in the key areas of development.

“It is important to note that the AIRR ranking is not based on expert evaluations, but on quantitative indicators, which makes it more objective and identifies the leaders on each criterion, shows the strengths and weaknesses of each region’s development,” AIRR Director Ivan Fedotov said. “The ranking creates an element of competition for the regions; a region’s position shows how well the team has worked overall during a given period. This allows managers to see the fine dynamics of innovation activity in the region and use the ranking as a tool for managing the regional innovation system.”





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