Universities and AIRR will work together to develop technological entrepreneurship

19 May2017
Universities and AIRR will work together to develop technological entrepreneurship

At the IV Forum of young scientists U-NOVUS in Tomsk an extended joint meeting took place, where gathered the AIRR Committees on modernization and innovative economy and education. It was dedicated to the development of technological entrepreneurship at Universities.

«Universities are anchor participants in innovation clusters, generating personnel, ideas and technologies. In the framework of the priority project we made a University technological entrepreneurship as a separate part, building corresponding targets for each cluster» - pointed out the Chairman of the Committee of modernization and innovative economy, Deputy Minister of the Economic Development of Russia Oleg Fomichev.

Deputy Governor of the Tomsk region for economics Andrey Antonov spoke about engaging university youth to the work of the Smart Technologies Tomsk cluster. «Within each project alliance inside of the cluster, an administrator from a number of Tomsk University PhD students is enshrined – he explained. – So that the youth gets acquainted with companies –members of the cluster and acts actively in the implementation of certain projects».

«In order to solve the problem systematically, we need students’ and professors’ active position as well as synchronization of all the AIRR regions and of the federal program»,- highlighted the Chairman of the AIRR Education Committee, General director of the Russian Venture Company (RVC) Alexander Povalko.

As reported the Head of the AIRR Legislation Committee, the Chairman of the Legislative Duma of the Tomsk region Oxana Kozlovskaya, in the regions-members of the Association there is a quick renewal of the support measures of technological entrepreneurship and the funding for this direction is growing. As a result of the project implementation «INO Tomsk», in the Tomsk region the volume of innovative goods and services has grown more than three times with the major part of the expenses coming to the technological innovation.

Both AIRR and the Tomsk National Research University organize the first Olimpiada on the technological entrepreneurship with 16 Universities participating in the project. «As a result of the first year and a range of the AIRR activities on engaging of children and youth in technological entrepreneurship and in the Olimpiada «Technological entrepreneurship» itself, more than 3000 seniors participated, among PhD students a competition of the best tasks has been held with success as well », - pointed out the AIRR Director Ivan Fedotov. The TNU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky suggested broadening the geography of the participants and partners of the Olimpiada as well as including it in the list of the Olimpiadas, that provide benefits when entering higher education establishments.