RIF'2018. Aleksandr Uss: "Trillions of US dollars are required for the development of the Lower Angara region”

16 February2018
RIF'2018. Aleksandr Uss: "Trillions of US dollars are required for the development of the Lower Angara region”

Today, Acting Governor Aleksandr Uss is working in Sochi at the Russian Investment Forum. He has a number of meetings planned with representatives of large financial and industrial groups and fellow governors. In particular, the head of the region will discuss the cooperation of the region with the top managers of Lukoil. During the forum, Uss told a reporter of about the "Yenisei Siberia” project  and the stages of its implementation. According to the head of the region, this project will include several major sub-projects: continuation of construction of the "Kyzyl-Kuragino" railway line (works will begin in September 2018); creation of an "aluminum valley" by RUSAL (more than a hundred of processing facilities based on KRAZ and Saianogorsk Aluminum Plant); construction of a bridge in the area of ​Vysokogorsk and reconstruction of railway branches in the same area (the beginning of the Lower Angara-2 project); creation of a dry port on the basis of the Cheremshanka Airport (with Nordstar as a base airline).

"I am absolutely convinced that the Krasnoiarsk Krai, Khakassia and Tuva are the main territories where such undertakings are realistic and can bring about serious progress for the better in the near future," stated A. Uss to 

As for the financial part of the issue, the acting governor did not name the total amount, but partially quoted some figures.
 "When we signed the memorandum only between the three FIGs, 500 billion rubles had already been actually planned for the near future. We’ve just negotiated with TVEL Corporation and the volume of their investment intentions is 80-100 billion in the krai, and this figure may be even more. 200 billion will be used for the construction of the railway line and the bridge construction will cost 10 billion. I'm talking about what has been really calculated and should be started in the near future, “ said the head of the krai.

As for general investments in the Lower Angara region, according to A. Uss, the estimates were made back in Soviet times.

"Trillions of US dollars are required to develop this unique Russian region on a world scale,” summarized the acting governor.